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Top Three Android Movie Apps To Watch Out For

The Android smartphones are becoming better and bigger. You might just call, text message, edit pictures and listen to music. But it’s interesting to know that people have pushed their smartphones towards the entertainment sector too.

While most of the time calling and messaging was an objective of a smartphone, nowadays the aim is to get entertainment in spare time. And in this process, people have developed new applications and technology that indeed, has turned your phone into a super smartphone.

With this, it is easy to say that smartphones are the most compatible digital objects for stream music, videos, movies, and tv shows. Evidently, it incorporates almost all the important applications needed to stream or download videos, for example, MX player, video player and Mp3 player. Hence, today we’re going to list down top three movie applications for Android.


  • Top 3 Android movie applications



NetFlix is a pioneer application and a well- known entertainment based website that intends to stream movies and tv shows. NetFlix has good amount of content that is colossal. The application has old classic movies, newly uploaded tv shows and original shows specially designed for NetFlix corporation. You might find NetFlix a little expensive, but it definitely stands on your expectations. No other application can provide you so many features in one go.

Terrarium Tv

In all my articles, Terrarium on the top of my list, and one main reason to do so is unbelievable streaming speed and amazing resolution list to choose from. So whether you’re watching a new release or an old classic movie, Terrarium provides you all resolutions available.

Whether the episode has released today or yesterday, it will be uploaded as soon as possible, you can find all the fresh episodes and movies on terrarium without fail. The best thing about Terrarium Tv is its reliable video links, they are directly picked up from Google drive due to which you experience an amazing downloading speed and unusual HD video quality. 


ShowBox APK APP is yet another movie streaming application that allows you to stream and download movies, tv shows and music albums. Undoubtedly, no other application provides you music albums, whereas, ShowBox has started this new trend in the market today. Now if you want to download English movies, Hindi, Spanish, Dutch whatever, everything is available on ShowBox.

The best thing about ShowBox is its availability on every platform like, Android, BlackBerry or Windows. It is available on every platform and device you can think of. What more can you expect from a movie streaming application?

Final verdict

These three are one of the best movie streaming application for your smartphones. Whether you’re a movie fan, tv show fan or music fan – all the three applications are perfect for you. Still, you can find alternatives who work exactly the same way, but with minor differences. For any query regarding these applications, feel free to write your comments below. Thank you!

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