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I’m Part Of The CinemaBox Generation, And Here’s Why I love The App

I enjoy CinemaBox more than any other app. In fact, I spend more free time on CinemaBox than on social media. There’s a certain addiction to watching as much free content as you like, and you just don’t want to get rid of it. It’s a pretty human tendency, I guess.

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There are a number of reasons I call mine the CinemaBox generation. CinemaBox’s features are characteristic of free, instant gratification, which happens on the spot. In days gone by, people could find entertainment at the pub at night, or during their once a month visits to the cinema hall. With modern day apps like Terrarium TV and Play View, you need not endure boredom a second longer!

Not only has content diversified, but the app is also a lot friendlier than the ticket vendor at the Box Office. You can buy two tubs of popcorn for the price of the ticket, and watch your favorite movie without having to get out of your PJs. Plus you have TV show episodes, so if you miss out an episode you can likely catch it of one of your apps later that night!

There are tens of reasons to love CinemaBox. I’ll share a few with you.

  • CinemaBox lets me watch all the movies I watch for free. There is no payment I need to make, nor do i need to sign up for an account. The content I love watching is right there on the screen the moment I download the app. All I ever need to pay for is the Internet.
  • The content library is bigger than any movie renting shop ever was. You get latest movies, classics, as well as movies from every genre and make imaginable right of your phone. Can you beat that?
  • If i ever want to watch a movie on my big screen TV, I can connect the two devices directly using Chromecast. There is no cable or any other appendage required.
  • The movies on the app are free to download, watch or cast. All three functions work perfectly.
  • The app also has Subtitles in many languages available right there with your content. So if you’re finding it hard to follow through the accents and dictions, or if you’re watching a movie from a different language, you can seek help from the app and get Subtitles in your prefered language.

CinemaBox has been around for quite some time now. The app was initially called PlayBox, and it was available only on Android when it first began. Now, CinemaBox comes with added features, a larger than ever movie collection and compatibility with iOS devices without needing a jailbreak. The app can simply be downloaded as an APK and installed on Android. iPhone or iPad users can get the dmg file from PYGER and install it after logging out of their iTunes accounts. For the login information, you can check the official site on the app